The Quartier Apotheke loyalty card

Open a customer account in our pharmacy and secure advantages that you can use automatically in all four branches.

The advantages

You will receive a 10% discount on all non-pharmacy related items (not combinable with other promotions and discounts).

Interaction check
You have been prescribed a new medication? We will verify its compatibility with the medications you are already taking.

For customers who are privately insured, we can issue invoices after verification of the requirements.

Billing with private insurance companies
By request, we can take over the billing directly with your private health insurance company, so that you don´t have to make an advance payment.

Exemption from payment of prescription fees
Just show us your exemption card to ensure that you receive your medication free of charge even on later visits.

Collective receipts
We document your paid prescription fees and are thus able to provide you with a collective receipt which can be used for your health insurance company or the tax office.

Follow through
You don’t remember the name of a certain medication which you previously purchased in our pharmacy? We document that information and can provide you with the desired product again.

Data protection
Your data is safe with us! In cooperation with our data protection officer, we ensure the consistent implementation of all standards of the European Data Protection Board.